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We Stay The Fuck Together
A Marianas Trench blog dedicated to Trenchers. This is a blog I created in order to help Trenchers world wide find one another throughout Tumblr. Possibly even locally.

If you're a Trencher, I ask that you please take a look at the directory and message me with your info if you'd like to be a part of this project.

  Anonymous said:
Holy fuck, what If the new albums called "Amanda"????????? OMFG

How’d you get “Amanda” from “Adventure”? o_o

First word that came to mind for me was “Amystika”

this is not the man I hoped to be and I’m just trying to stop the bleeding
I don’t know how to word it, I just started to deserve it

  Anonymous said:
bit of a random questions but do you know why Ians last name is different in the Celebrity Status music video

Ian Ziering is one of the actual 90210 actors. I’m assuming that’s the only reason they did it.


hey westaythefucktogether ! you know basically everything so i was wondering if you knew where i could find all the things josh is wearing in his profile picture? i want to go as him for halloween and i feel like going as his icon would be the raddest choice. so if you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated :D

Haha, thanks! Sadly, I don’t know anything about his outfits. Maybe you could just find similar clothing options? Here’s the best full outfit images we have:

@mattwebbmt FREE KNIFE!

Matt acquired a free knife and gave us the play-by-play of how it all went down over on his Instagram!

Trencher of the Week!

The newest Trencher added to the directory this past week is:

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If you’d like to be added to the directory and be featured in next week’s promo, please do one of the following:

  1. Use the message link to submit your URL (include URL if it is different than the one used to message) and your location. You can be brief by simply including your country, or be descriptive by including your city and/or state. Including your name is optional.
  2. Since some of you may not want to share a location, I have created a section to fit this request. This way it is possible to find more Trenchers on Tumblr. If you’d like to be a part of this, please message me asking simply to be added. I will gladly do so. Remember that the use of your name is optional.

I also accept submissions!

Submit your story about how Marianas Trench has helped you. I have posted a few Trencher Stories thus far.

If you wish to submit your story but do not wish to have your name on it, I will gladly post it as anon. I only ask that you still submit it to me (for the reason that an ask is broken into parts). I will be the only one reading it until it is posted. If you want it to be posted as anon, I will create it as a text post rather than a submission. I will be the only one that knows who it came from.

Artwork and anything else you have created is greatly appreciated and may be submitted as well. I usually just reblog stuff from the tags since I don’t get very many submissions.

Keep in mind that you do not need to be part of the directory in order to submit stuff.

***If you do message me about being added this month, make sure to tell me your usual URL if you’ve changed it for Halloween.***

Sara, Josh, and Jordi - the cooks behind the Ramsay Thanksgiving dinner

@mattwebbmt Dinner attire. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

(Source: instagram.com)

With nothing left to think I’ll probably sit around and ignore
The apathy that always leads me
And always finds a way to break me down

Alrighty guys. I took the liberty to find out how Josh is doing. I know we’re all worried about him since he hasn’t been active on Twitter. Sources say he’s doing well. He’s just really busy. No doubt prepping for tour and working on the album. So you can all calm down now.

hurts the same when nobody knows
guess that’s just how it goes
and I, I won’t say anything at all