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We Stay The Fuck Together
A Marianas Trench blog dedicated to Trenchers. This is a blog I created in order to help Trenchers world wide find one another throughout Tumblr. Possibly even locally.

If you're a Trencher, I ask that you please take a look at the directory and message me with your info if you'd like to be a part of this project.

Marianas Trench are going to NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA…whaaat? no no come to englandddd E N G L A N D :’(

Next year

We Stay The Fuck Together Directory Promo!

If you’d like to be added to the directory and be featured in next week’s promo, please do one of the following:

  1. Use the message link to submit your URL (include URL if it is different than the one used to message) and your location. You can be brief by simply including your country, or be descriptive by including your city and/or state. Including your name is optional.
  2. Since some of you may not want to share a location, I have created a section to fit this request. This way it is possible to find more Trenchers on Tumblr. If you’d like to be a part of this, please message me asking simply to be added. I will gladly do so. Remember that the use of your name is optional.

I also accept submissions!

Submit your story about how Marianas Trench has helped you. I have posted a few Trencher Stories thus far.

If you wish to submit your story but do not wish to have your name on it, I will gladly post it as anon.
I only ask that you still submit it to me (for the reason that an ask is broken into parts). I will be the only one reading it until it is posted. If you want it to be posted as anon, I will create it as a text post rather than a submission. I will be the only one that knows who it came from.

Artwork and anything else you have created is greatly appreciated and may be submitted as well. I usually just reblog stuff from the tags since I don’t get very many submissions.

Keep in mind that you do not need to be part of the directory in order to submit stuff.

@mattwebbmt So these are good, right?

I have no words for this man

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So, here’s a little something about how the past few weeks of my life have been going and how MTrench has been a massive part of it.

For some background, I’m the president of a generally important student organization at my school. I knew when I was elected that trying to lead this thing was a total nightmare (I was the secretary last year), but I didn’t realize just how bad it was going to be. This past week has just been one massive fight after massive fight, mostly over some stupid pictures, and I’ve pretty much had it with everyone involved in the organization.

So, for the past week, I’ve had the Fix Me album on repeat, because I feel like it’s the closest to expressing my emotions that I will ever get, especially since it’s already been made clear to me by the faculty adviser for our organization that my emotions don’t matter and that I should be shoving all of my personal life aside and just focusing on this group.

MTrench is basically keeping me held together right now, but on the plus side, I convinced a friend to listen to Pop 101 and she’s already calling it her new lady jam. That is a success I will take right now.


You know, you know you love the way I linger
And you keep me wrapped right ‘round your finger
But you say, you say just wait a little longer
And in time, I could be the right one
Please, I’m the B-Team

What you want, what you need, has been killing me 
Trying to be everything that you want me to be 
I’ll say yes, I’ll undress, I’ve done more for less 
And I will change everything till it’s perfect again


i want to see the BTS video for POP 101 already. some of us fans are not Canadian or not American

You can watch the one on Much if you get the “Hola Better Internet” add-on for Chrome, or you can watch a recorded version on youtube.

This link has links for both.

Thank you for following me. Thank you for reblogging from me. Thank you for liking my posts. Thank you for sending me nice messages. Thank you for staying followed to me. Thank you for making my Tumblr experience amazing. Thank you.

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“I have met Josh Ramsay quite a few times over the past 4 years. It was on this night though in Montreal that I was most impressed by him. After the concert at Metropolis, Matt Webb was the first to come out the back. There were about 150-200 fans waiting. He signed quite a few autographs. Then Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman were snuck onto the bus and I could see that a van was going to rush them away. I stood by the van door and they both signed for me as they jumped in and took off. No fans were quick enough to see what was going on. This surprised me since Mike and Ian seemed to be the nice ones when I met them a year earlier Then Josh came out. He signed and took photos with Trenchers for over an hour. At one point some girls pushed other girls into some fans getting a photo with Josh. He was not happy and actually told the bully fans to leave. He then stayed till all had photos with him and autographs signed. It was amazing to watch all this going on. He is a pretty cool guy”

- Concert Photographer for #CelebPhotoOfTheDay(x)