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We Stay The Fuck Together
A Marianas Trench blog dedicated to Trenchers. This is a blog I created in order to help Trenchers world wide find one another throughout Tumblr. Possibly even locally.

If you're a Trencher, I ask that you please take a look at the directory and message me with your info if you'd like to be a part of this project.


Marianas Trench - band members


credit to the mtrench twitter account for making these groundbreaking tweets


So if you watch Dan and Phil and are a Trencher, you should totally request POP 101 to be played next Sunday. It’s the only radio show I watch/listen to so it’s the only one I’d request it on. You guys up for it?

Reblogging my own post because I know some of you are Dan and Phil fans and this needs to happen. Help me out!


Omg please don’t tell me I’m the only one who noticed

I honestly think you were…



By the way, I’d like to confirm that Josh and Amanda were together at Playland about two days ago (that would make it within the two days after K-Days). So I’m pretty sure they are okay now, if they weren’t before. [x]


I know this might seem a bit selfish/mean, but since there’s been rumours of Josh and Amanda breaking apart, I was kind of hoping Phosh would become real. I know this might seem weird because of the age difference, but I don’t know, they just seem to fit together.

Can I just say something? Well I’m going to regardless so I don’t know why I even bother asking… I like the idea of Phosh, I really do. They’re cute together. But that’s the thing. They’re cute. That’s all I really see. But the thing that bothers me most is IF something had happened between Josh and Amanda, followed by something happening between Josh and Phoebe, then it’s just a rebound and I’m not in any way supportive of that. Yes, Josh is upset and hurt, but you can’t jump into these things. It’s just not right. And I know after Phoebe IG’d having woken up to a cat that is clearly Tux (Josh’s cat) it looks like she spent the night at his place, but I’m really hoping she just crashed there and did nothing more than watch the POP 101 VIDEO THAT WE ARE ALL WAITING TO SEE. But yea, that’s my point. You can agree or disagree, I don’t really care. I just had to put it out there. And please remember that I am not confirming nor denying anything happened between Josh and Amanda or Josh and Phoebe.

My story with Marianas Trench isn’t all that entertaining.

I found the band sometime in 2009, shortly after Masterpiece Theatre was released, but when the band was still hardly available outside of Canada. And for a while, I sort of disdained the fact that I liked their music, because 17-year-old me was a borderline brooding angsty teen that listened to too much Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin.

But let’s fast forward about a year and half later, to freshman year of college me, who has recently gone through a nasty break-up, and is trying to find an escape in anything she can. That was when I finally actually listened to the songs on the Masterpiece Theatre album and realized that behind the catchy beat, there were messages that I could relate to. Messages that could get me through this mess that had become my life.

And when Ever After came out, you bet that I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it the day it came out. And I played it for several days straight, until I could at least sing all the songs on it from memory. (So Soon was the song from that album that got me, because it opened up the old wounds from my breakup.)

It took me a while longer to get my hands on Fix Me, because I wanted to buy the physical CD, not just splurge on iTunes for it, but I did it and I think I spent like three hours straight, just listening to the song “Alibis” and crying, because I’ve recently hit another rough patch in my life and I don’t know how to get through this.

But I know that no matter what happens in the end, I will always have Marianas Trench to fall back on.


WeStayTheFuckTogether Network!

My friend Erin came up with the idea of starting a network based off of the directory. I’m well aware that there are networks in existence already, but it looks like they’re using Tumblr as their main communication. I can’t be sure since I’m not part of any though. Anyways, her idea is that we have Skype and/or Tiny Chat sessions every so often. I will participate however often I can due to my schedule. I’m technically like an admin that works in the background of the whole thing. I’m assisting her in pulling it all together. 

Basically how this is going to work is you will submit your name, URL, and location via ask, just like you would the directory. It will be broken up into sections according to country due to differentiating timezones. Of course you can communicate with whoever you want at any time once you have their info. We will set up a page that list Trenchers willing to participate. (You must message them personally and ask for their info. We will not be posting Skype usernames for everyone to see.) Once a month we’ll try to pull together a “meeting” so we can all chat. You do not need a webcam in order to participate. This is merely so we can chat amongst each other freely since Tumblr messages can prove difficult at times.

Read the post about it here. If you have questions, feel free to ask Erin on her main blog.

We stay the fuck together network.



HI everyone I am Erin or Welc0me-tomy-wonderland.tumblr.com.

I recently as some of you may know spoke about starting a network with help from Lorry she runs the westaythefucktogether.tumblr.com which if you don’t know what it is you should totally go check it out because it’s a directory to meet other trenchers. She is gonna help me set it up but doesn’t have time to be an admin so for now I am the admin of this network by myself. 

What the network will provide:

- Skype or tinychats with other trenchers.

- A place to make new friends and a place full of support.

- Lots of fangirling over Marianas trench.

-A place to ask all your questions about mtrench.

- idk maybe we can do trencher related games and promos if that is what people decide they want?  

This is the main page for the blog where I will post updates and such about meetups on skype or tinychat and things. All applications should be sent to this blog. After this I will send you to the link to the side blog for the network and add you there. Whilst everyone WILL be accepted I cannot guarantee it will be instantly. 

All you need to submit for now is your name, URL, and your country and if you want your state or city depending if you want to find trenchers who live right near you. Oh and if you want you could always add a little paragraph about you and maybe how you got into Marianas Trench and the first song you heard by them? 

Oh I almost forgot I do also need your email address for the blog you run otherwise I can’t add you as a member which means you won’t be able to make your own posts and such. 

Oh if you have any questions feel free to message me on my band blog here: x


Pop 101 - coming soon to New Zealand


Pop 101 - coming soon to New Zealand